For most patients, where there is a need for medical treatment, urologic care is covered under their provincial  health care system. Patients seeking treatment that has no medical need (such as a surgery for cosmetic preference) may still be eligible for private coverage, such as workplace health insurance plans. For patients without any health care coverage, such as those visiting from another country without travel insurance, or patients seeking elective treatments not covered by workplace insurance, this page covers payment information for patients without health care coverage.

Patients Without Health Care Coverage:

Patients who do not have a valid health card must pay for their health care services up front, either prior to or at their appointment. Please see our “Payment Policy” section below for more information. Some patients are eligible for reimbursement through their International Student status (UHIP) or Blue Cross membership. In cases like these, the patient pays their surgeon for their appointment, and submits a claim form for reimbursement. For more information about reimbursement, submitting a claim, or to learn about eligibility, please visit their official website:

Direct Download for UHIP Claim Form: UHIP Claim Form
UHIP Website:

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) downloadable forms: Click here
Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) site: Click here

Patients who are unsure of their health care eligibility can learn more on The Government of Canada’s website here:  Government of Canada website

Payment Policy

Our clinic accepts cash only. Please note there is no debit/credit card machine on site and we do not keep cash on premises, so please bring exact change. 

How To Pay For Your Elective Procedure if no health insurance:

Surgical fees are payable to your surgeon (see ‘Payment Policy’ above), and this is due at the time you book your surgery date. You can come to our clinic during office hours to submit your payment in person or by proxy.  If you wish to cancel your procedure, you must notify our clinic no later than 2 weeks in advance, otherwise a $150.00 cancellation fee will apply.

Anesthetic fees are payable to Anesthesia Associates, located at 439 Park Street, Kitchener, Ontario. We recommend that you bring all receipts with you to the hospital on the day of your surgery. For more information about their payment policies, please contact the anesthesia office directly at (519) 744-7361.

Hospital Fees are payable to the hospital where you will have surgery. We recommend that you bring all receipts with you to the hospital on the day of your surgery. For more information on payment policies, contact the appropriate office:

Grand River Hospital Finance Office: +1 (519) 749-4300
Click here to pay your bill online

St. Mary’s Hospital Finance Office: +1 (519) 744-3311
Click here to pay your bill online

Cancellation Fee Policy

A minimum 48 hours’ notice is required for appointment cancellations, and a minimum 2 weeks’ notice for surgical cancellations, otherwise a fee will apply, payable in cash before re-booking.

Appointment cancellation/no-show fee =  $50  

Vasectomy cancellation/no-show fee = $150

Reasonable exceptions will be made, such as hospitalization or family emergency. 

Administrative Fees

Insurance/disability forms = $40 per page

Note for workplace/school absence = $20